SleepWin updated with new features and improvements


1, 2015

SleepWin Statistics Sleep record detail

SleepWin recently got updated to the version in Windows Phone Store. This update includes lots of new features and improvements.

Here is the full changelog:

  • new weather aware alarm
  • new backup/restore of settings and records
  • new age-based recommendation of the sleeping amount according to the settings
  • new separate tile to launch the sleep monitor
  • new setting for turning off all the music players when sleep tracking starts
  • improvements in the sound player
  • improvements in the settings UI
  • improvements in the statistics chart
  • bugfixes
  • performance improvements

SleepWin’s alarm, collection of melodies and quick nap alarm are free. “Sleep tracking” and “sleep recording” are available for free for two weeks. After that, the sleep tracking functionality will be disabled, but you will able to create records manually. If you want to continue using full sleep tracking functionality after your trial expiration, please consider buying it from the Windows Store and in addition you will get backup/restore functionality, more ringtones and application backgrounds.

Download the app here from Windows Phone Store.



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