SleepMaster’s update brings Sleep Timer function

Sleep Timer (Sleep Relax) function has been added in new update of SleepMaster sleep cycle application with four professional atmospheres (Sea, River, Rain, City) to help you fall asleep. You can also set custom song or audiobook from Zune Media Library as Sleep Song.

In this new version independent Volume controls for Alarm and Sleep sounds are also available and you can enable Vibra Alarm mode as well.

SleepMaster features:

– Records and saves your sleep data
– Detailed sleep chart and sleep statistics
– Automatically fades the screen to black in Alarm Mode
– You can check the current time and wake up time in Alarm Mode by simply tapping the screen
– Adjustable wake up time window
– Built in alarm sounds, you can also select music as alarm from Zune Media Library
– Normal, high or low Sensitivity can be set with testing mode
– Snooze function
– Sleep Relax (Sleep Timer) function with four built in sounds (or selecting custom song / audiobook from Zune Media Library)
– Independent volume control for Alarm and Sleep sounds
– Vibration mode for wake up

Have a Good Night!

Sleepmaster costs $1.99 and can be found in Marketplace here.