Slack’s iPhone app has caught up with its Android app with a new design.

The new design features the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen which first showed up in the Android app a few days ago.

The changelog for the app notes the following justification for the change:

“Previously, it was complicated to get to the four main things people do on mobile. We’ve fixed this with a new nifty navigation bar at the bottom of the app containing: a Home view for your sidebar, DMs, (still listed most recent first), Mentions (for quickly catching up), and You (because you’re great) (and also because setting your status/preferences on mobile needed to be easier).”

The update also adds a floating compose button and the ability to change the order of channels in your Home tab.

Also now, swiping right will reveal your workspace and preferences, and swiping left will get you back to the last conversation you were in.

The update appears to be rolling out slowly.

The app can be found in the iPhone App Store here.

Price: Free

Via the Verge