Slacker Radio updated again, working better!

Exactly a month ago, Slacker Radio was updated to support Mango background music streaming, but it was filled with bugs. Today, the app was updated again, and it works a little better now!

If you’ve already received the Mango update today, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the new Mango features. Slacker Radio supports background music streaming, which lets you do something else on your phone while streaming Slacker Radio.

Previously, the app was so buggy, it was not worth using. Now with this update, the app is getting better. For example, you can now play Slacker Radio through Bluetooth speakers. The app is also slightly faster and less buggy. It could still use some work, since when you click on the song title on your volume controls, it randomly decides to skip to the next song. Other than that, it’s sort of an enjoyable experience, which is a first for this app since it used to suck!

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