Slack gets bots which are actually useful with new Message Buttons feature


27, 2016

slack buttons

Much have been made of messaging bots as the new wave of the future, replacing the multitude of single purpose apps which are now de rigueur, but so far I have seen very little evidence of an implementation that is actually useful.

It seems Slack may be the first one to get it right, with their new Message Button feature/API for the bots already present on their platform.

The feature makes their bots much more interactive by providing a more usable user interface than the command line, with developers able to add as many as 5 buttons to each interaction.

Slack has launched with  12 partners, including project management app Trello, travel site Kayak, recruiting service Greenhouse, and expense report app Abacus.

See the video below to see how these new style bots could improve your work flow.

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Slack currently has 3 million monthly active users and is rapidly growing. With its focus on productivity the company has been regularly mooted as an acquisition target by Microsoft, and it seems to me the price will only be increasing with each new innovation they deliver. Hopefully, like LinkedIn, Microsoft will not wait for it to become a bidding war to make an offer.

Read more about the new feature at Slack’s website here.

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