Slack for desktop Windows updated with usability improvements, bug fixes


Slack’s Windows app (which is not a Windows Store app) has been updated to version 2.02 with a new update which brings two minor usability improvements, and a number of bug fixes.

If you have multiple teams in the app, the app will now remember the one you use most often and present it first at launch.

There is now also a new option which will let you reset app data if you are running into unresolvable bugs at Help > Reset App Data.

See the full changelog below:

What’s New

  • Signed into a smorgasbord of teams? We’ll pay attention to which ones you use the most, and load those first when the app is started. A minor courtesy.
  • If you find yourself wedged between a rock and a hard place (or, a bug and our app) we offer you an escape hatch: Help > Reset App Data wipes the slate clean.


  • Context menus were misplaced (and by that we mean, completely absent) for a few unlucky folks. They’re in the right place now.
  • Like a low-budget horror film, a monstrous variety of crashes creeped into the 2.0 update, most of which have been sent back to the swamp.
  • Downloaded files of the same name will no longer overwrite each other.
  • If snapped to the left or right of your screen, Slack would develop a case of acute amnesia and reset position when restarted. Our recollection has improved this time around.
  • The crude white border that would appear around the app the next time it was launched (if you had been zoomed) has been zapped.
  • We’ve made further improvements to prevent false detection by antivirus vendors. Those meddling kids.
  • We offer up a better explanation of why the app stays in your taskbar, if you’ve set the window to Always flash.

The update can be found at Slack’s site here.

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