Slack announces a collection of Microsoft Office 365 apps

Slack today announced the availability of three new Microsoft Office 365 apps for Slack. First, the Files app enables rich previews of Office 365 files (Powerpoint, Excel, Word) uploaded to Slack. Second, the Email plugin in Outlook enables user to forward an email into a Slack channel or DM. Third, the Calendar app enables custom Slack status syncing with Outlook calendar.

With the new suite of Office 365 apps for Slack, you can see what’s on slide 9 or page 2 of your PowerPoint deck while you’re on the go between meetings within Slack; bring a long email thread into Slack where it is easier to collaborate; and automatically let your team know when you are in a meeting so they understand why you might be slow to respond.

Slack is also updating the OneDrive app allowing you to share, preview and search OneDrive files in Slack. You can share a OneDrive file by clicking the + icon and selecting OneDrive to choose the file you’d like to share.

Source: Slack