Skype’s Tony Bates: “I definitely think we can add value to the (windows) phone.”


Skype’s Tony Bates has been speaking at AllThingsD, and there hinted at the direction of their Windows Phone integration.

"When I think about phones I think more about communication, and I want to be able to move from text, to voice, to video, and I don’t think that’s well realized right now," he said.

He added, "We don’t think of the phone as a communication device, and why shouldn’t we? I think there’s evolution on the phone that we can do together."

Speaking about Windows Phone, he revealed revealed a certain distance from the both the phone and the company, saying “I think their phone is great. I definitely think we can add value to the phone.”

Skype had earlier revealed that they still very much see themselves as separate from Microsoft, saying they “harmonized” rather than “integrated” and tellingly insisted on having Skype-branded ID cards instead of Microsoft ID cards when they joined the company.

Skype’s uptake however  has not suffered from an association with the Microsoft brand, growing from 170 million active users to 250 million active users 8 months ago.

Bates also spoke about deep integration in Windows 8, which should create a pretty “harmonious” environment moving from the desktop to phone OS.

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