Skype Used to Process Illegal Aliens at U.S. Border

In what continues to be bad PR for Microsoft’s online communication service Skype, the service has been linked to the government again, this time to help process illegal aliens at the US/Mexican border.  Border Patrol agents have begun using online communication service Skype, to continue to process illegal aliens held in Texas detention centers.  Border Patrol sources told KFI Radio’s Steven Gregory that Murrieta agents can process up to 25 people per shift, depending on the amount of staff in the Texas facilities.

The American government is experiencing a crisis at the Mexican border where thousands of children are illegally pouring into the United States, often with the help of drug cartels. Leaked documents from Edward Snowden linked Skype to the NSA, as an easy way for the government agency to snoop on conversations through backdoors.

Source: Breitbart