Skype, Live TV, IE all in the Xbox One


21, 2013

Xbox Skype

The Xbox One will be bringing along many of the features found in the Xbox 360, but in new and improved ways. Skype will be included in the Xbox One and will now allow users to make group calls. The Kinect now also includes a 1080p camera, so full HD calls should now be possible.

Microsoft also showed Live TV on the Xbox. The Xbox One can integrate with cable TV systems and even show users their TV Guide. Users will be able to switch channels by simply using their voice and naming a network. DVR functionality and a Blu-ray drive are now also built into the Xbox One.

An newer build of IE was shown running on the Xbox One. “Snapmode” was shown using IE, wbich allows IE to be snapped to the side while using another app or watching live tv. It worked in a similar manner to that in Windows 8.

With the next generation Xbox, users will be able to instantly switch between apps. This is possible partially due to the 3 OS Xbox One Architecture. Voice and gestures via the Kinect is also a much bigger part of the Xbox One. With the Kinect integrated into the Xbox One, Microsoft expects users to have much more of a conversation with their consoles.

Are you looking forwarding to group Skyping on your HDTV? Let us know in the comments below?

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