Skype For Xbox One Now Offers A New Snap Calling Experience

Xbox One SkypeMicrosoft Skype team today announced the availability of the long awaited feature in Xbox One Skype experience. Skype for Xbox One now offers a new Snap calling experience. Along with this new Snap experience, Microsoft reported that this update also includes a few other bug fixes such as improved start-up time to make Skype for Xbox One even better.

As you’ll remember, Snap makes it possible to experience two apps on your Xbox One at once – like watching TV while looking up sports scores in Internet Explorer. Previously, you could only Snap other apps into Skype for Xbox One. With this update, the reverse is now possible, allowing you to now Snap a Skype video or voice call intoother app experiences. See your best friend’s face as you narrowly beat them in Forza Motorsport 5. Or watch your mom’s favorite movie while on a video call with her, the next best thing to being there.

With this update, you now have the option of keeping your games or movies as the stars of the screen. Once you are in a voice or video call, you can control the call within Snap, whether you want to add another friend to the call, turn the camera off or hang up, all without leaving your other activity.

Read more about it at Skype blog.