Skype For Windows Desktop Updated With Outlook Integration



Microsoft Skype today released an update for its Windows Desktop client. The new v6.1 includes Microsoft Outlook integration and a visual update to the toolbar.

It’s easy to get in touch. We have integrated Skype and Outlook to display contacts’ online status, contact information and mood message within the Outlook contact card.

Call any phone. When you want to call someone on their mobile or landline from Outlook, Skype will initiate the call for you. You can call anyone as long as you have their contact information in Outlook, but you don’t need to be friends on Skype. You can use your existing Skype credit or subscription to reach them.

Stay in touch with your Skype contacts. When you want to contact anyone in your Outlook contact list who is already on Skype, you can instant message, audio or video call them. To do so they need to be in your Skype contacts list to reach them.

Add a new contact. We have made adding a contact easier than ever. You can now add someone by searching for them directly out of your contacts list. If they’re not in your contact list yet, results will come up so you can add them in 2 clicks.

New profile with more accessible account information.  Finally, we have updated the account information area to make it easier to navigate around your account data.

Read more about it from the source link below. Download the new version here.

Source: Skype

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