Skydrive to get greater prominence in the future

It must be pretty hard to work at Microsoft, where often a technology or service is widely available and in use, but the developers never quite get the credit they deserve, with the public often flocking to a later incarnation elsewhere.

Skydrive is a clear example with this, offering a cross platform file storage network for many years now, only to be overtaken in mindshare by Dropbox, despite having been used by more than 100 million people.

It seems the Skydrive team are not taking this sitting down, and are promising to increase the prominence of the service in Wave 5 of Microsoft’s Windows Live services update. 

Brian Hall, General Manager of Windows Live & Internet Explorer, presented at the Cowen and Company Annual Technology Media & Telecom Conference and said:

So, as we look forward without pre-announcing anything that’s coming in Windows 8, between Windows Live and Windows 8, we feel very good about being able to take all of the stuff that you do on the Web and just make it seamlessly available in whatever experience that you’re in. […]

So what we’re doing moving forward is moving SkyDrive out of that infrastructure zone, and turning it into a destination application, while also keeping the infrastructure aspects.

Noting that people did not even know when they were using Skydrive, and if they did, did not actually know what was stored there, improving the user experience and branding is certainly the right move.  Skydrive is known to feature even more prominently in Windows Phone 7 Mango, and will likely also see some integration in Windows 8 also.

Hopefully some credit will follow also…

Via LiveSide and ZDNet.