SkyDrive needs to work better with twitter


BeingManan has an interesting editorial on the improvements SkyDrive need to make to make it an acceptable photo sharing service for Windows Phone 7.

Both are pretty obvious, and I hope the SkyDrive team are already working on addressing the issues.

The first is that the URL for specific photos are just much too long, e.g. wnf&Bsrc=TWITRAPXX&Bpub=SN.Notifications&id= 7A9D87FA129538EF%212882&sff=1

Just the URL itself is nearly 120 characters long.  There is no reason this long URL needs to be exposed to the end user, and it should not be a complex problem to fix.

The second is getting Twitter to integrate SkyDrive links in the same way it does twitpic or yfrog links ie show the pictures inline on the website, so users will not necessarily need to click through to see the images.  That is obviously more a business than technical issue, but as far as we know Microsoft and Twitter have at least a reasonable relationship, unlike Twitter and Google for example.

To these two reasonable requests I would like to add providing a folder just for twitter sharing from which one cant browse to the rest of one’s photos. Not everyone want to mix together all their social networks.

Lastly some customization of the landing page would be a pretty cool feature that would differentiate it from the other photo sharing services around.

Manan notes that with Picasa now being the photo sharing service for Google plus, and Apple having its own iCloud service, it behoves Microsoft to also step up and make SkyDrive live up to its potential.

Read the full article here.