SkyDrive Cloud Music Streaming in Windows Phone ‘Mango’?

Android users have Google Music beta and Amazon’s service for streaming their own music content to their mobile devices. There were various reports that Apple struck a deal between many studios for its own streaming service. What about Microsoft in this space?

The Zune pass in Windows Phone currently allows you to stream millions of songs from Microsoft’s digital lockers for a subscription amount, but still you can’t upload your own songs to stream to your devices. Liveside today reported that SkyDrive based music streaming may come to Windows Phone ‘Mango’. Their report is based on a demo from Andy Lees from Microsoft,

With SkyDrive … we have the ability to help you find applications [to open specific file types] … So there we have music that’s came in, and I mean all that stuff is available.

The above picture was captured when he was showing the upcoming Skydrive integration in Windows Phone ‘Mango’ that allows you to sync  Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF documents. The question here is whether a tap on the music file from Skydrive will result in the music being streamed to your Windows Phone or not?

Lets hope it does work that way, because 25 GB of free cloud storage for all my music sounds sweet indeed.