Sky TV has no plans to support Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT, rolling out same tired old excuses




It seems Sky TV is not too friendly towards Microsoft. Besides forcing Microsoft to change the name of SkyDrive, the company also has declined to support its new mobile operating systems.

Posting in their support forums Stacey-M, Sky TV Community Manager said:

We have no plans at present to support Windows 8 RT. This is because we use Silverlight as our media player for web platforms and Windows 8 RT does not support Silverlight.

At this point we are investigating alternatives to Silverlight but have no firm plans at present. Equally, we have no plans at present to support Windows Phone 8. This is because take-up of these devices is not yet sufficient to make it viable to support them with a new app.

However, we continuously monitor market trends and adapt our plans accordingly, so if the market changes significantly we will review our approach.

It seems Stacey has not been keeping that close an eye to market trends, or else she would know nearly 1 in 10 of every new smartphone buyer in UK is buying a Windows Phone.

In addition just because Windows RT is not heavily adopted does not mean a Windows 8 user, of which there is more than 100 million so far worldwide, would not want a smooth Metro app for their full-screen Sky TV experience either.

Of course if Sky continues with the stance they will just continue losing customers to Netflix, who for same strange reason was able to solve their Silverlight issues without too much hassle.

Want to let Sky know a Windows RT/Windows Phone app is in demand? See their forums here.

Thanks Scott for the tip.

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