Sky Blaze Super Summer Campaign

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Dawnbreak Studios Super Summer Campaign for Sky Blaze is now up and running! When downloading or updating the famous fireworks game before the end of June, Easter Island will be unlocked for you as a new playable landmark, and it´s all FREE!

After the campaign is over, you will still keep your brand new landmark forever but it can never be aquired again after June has ended.

Following is the full description for Sky Blaze:

— Join the fun! —

Dawnbreak Studios Super Summer Campaign has started! Download Sky Blaze before the end of June to aquire the playable landmark “Easter Island” for FREE!

Sky Blaze is a fast paced arcade game like you have never seen before on a mobile screen! Swipe rockets to create stunning firework explosions across the sky and compete for the best high score, either locally on your phone or online.


Swipe green rockets while avoiding the red ones. Blue rockets builds combos to maximize your high score and yellow ones starts small minigames. Now you are ready to play!


Sky Blaze features a beautiful visual style never seen before and a unique modern soundtrack. Put on your headphones and get ready to dance!


Compete with your friends in the online scoreboard or locally on your phone. Can you beat their record?


Sky Blaze features two game modes out of the box. More game modes and lots of goodies can be unlocked through a one time in-app purchase but is NOT mandatory. We believe payments should be fair and therefore we allow you to pay what YOU want instead of a fixed price.


  •  Unlock famous landmarks such as Taj Mahal and the Sydney Opera House
  • Unique visual neon style in full 3D, utilizing the latest shader technology.
  • 4 different game modes, can your reflexes beat Rocket Rush?
  • Explosions! Nuff said.
  • New level on every play. The game is seriously endless.
  • Online leaderboard with both weekly best players and All-Stars.
  • Collect loads of trophies.
  • Soundtrack by Alexander Darland

*** What´s new in 1.5? ***QR Code

*Added famous landmark Easter Island as an unlockable (valid for people who download or update before the end of June)

(You can suggest which famous landmark to add in the next update at

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get your FREE landmark HERE or follow the QR!