Skinery Tiles Pro updated with more apps and new languages!

Skinery Tiles Pro, the highly popular custom theme app, has been updated to version 3.05. As promised, Skinery Tiles Pro is adding new apps every week and this time we bring to you Facebook Touch, Facebook Touch Pro, FlashLight and MoHoo Reader apps. Also in this release, we added language support for Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional. If you are interested to help translate Skinery to your native language, please drop us an email at

Skinery is working very hard to include more apps and we need your help. You can help  by rigorously sending requests to other app developers and telling them how much you want their apps to work with Skinery.

To send an app request within Skinery:

  1. Scroll down the app list
  2. Tap on “Get more apps!”
  3. Tap on the “Send Request” button
  4. Write a review to tell the app developer to work with Skinery

Skinery store link: