Skiller cross-platform game network SDK adds Windows Phone 7 support

Press Release:Skiller, a leading provider of social mobile gaming platforms, has managed to overcome the challenging task of developing a multiplayer platform, and released a cross platform SDK, which simplifies the development and creates a true multi-player & social game experience.

"Developing a real multiplayer experience in the mobile world is not a trivial task" said Nir Orpaz – Skiller’s CEO, "Unlike stationary networks and PCs, mobile devices do not necessarily carry a unique IP address, and mobile devices which are not in proximity (Ethernet/Bluetooth) cannot connect and interact with each other"

In order to enable a true multiplayer gaming experience, Skiller’s SDK accomplishes four major challenges every game developer faces: real multiplayer games algorithms, server side logic, hardware backbone, maintenance, and resource scalability.

"Today, many mobile devices include local-area connectivity capabilities in the form of Bluetooth wireless technology or local Wi-Fi. Some games have based their multiplayer functionality on these technologies, only to find out that when it comes to true and global multiplayer experience, those methods fall short." said Michael Lieberman, Skiller’s CTO. "The aforementioned connections only allow people within a limited distance or a local network to play with each other, which in turn, significantly decrease the number of online game opponents and limits social network growth".

Skiller provides a social-centric gaming platform where developers can leverage its wide network of global partners and enable multiplayer over 3G as well as Wi-Fi connectivity. Skiller platform encourages gamers to play more and socialize more, which in turn, leads to improved monetization and serves as a viral incentive to bring more gamers on board. From a developer perspective, the Skiller platform provides a one-stop access to building seamless cross-platform multiplayer gaming services.

The Skiller platform is popular among smart-phone as well as feature-phones users. Skiller provides a social & multiplayer SDK for feature phones which are based on J2ME and supports Symbian OS and BlackBerry. Recently Skiller added support for Android and Windows Phone 7 OS, thereby transforming into a true cross-platform gaming service.

The Skiller SDKs along with Skiller’s social cloud are offered FREE to game developers and abstract a number of crucial features such as server side logic, backbone hardware maintenance and resource scalability, so that game developers can concentrate on developing their game logic rather than worrying about IT infrastructure and network layer development.

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