Sketchable for Windows 10 updated to version


The sketching app for Windows 10 – Sketchable – has just received an update to version, adding a much-awaited feature to the drawing board so to speak.

You can now use the Canvas Rotation feature added in the app to help you capture different perspectives without physically shifting your drawing tool – typically a Surface Pro 0r Wacom Windows tablet of some description.

The update has focused on fixing a few new bugs in the app, including bugs relating to purchase, a few bugs which impact app Start-up and resolving an issue which caused the app to crash when the mirror filter was invoked.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Canvas Rotation is the most often requested feature and is now available in this update.
  • Many bug fixes are also part of this update which could have impacted startup.
  • The Mirror view filter no longer causes a crash when used with the brush tool.
  • The Texture Pots will behave as originally intended, and when switching tools have a recollection of any change made to the 1st texture pot which represents the texture assigned to the current tool preset.
  • If you had previously purchased the entire 2.0 release, a bit of logic was flipped which disabled editing of the paint brush, and eraser tool sizes, and inadvertently allowing access to the other tools even when no purchase had been made.

Grab Sketchable from the Windows Store below:

Developer: Silicon Benders LLC
Price: Free