Sir Ridley Scott describes Epic’s Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite parody as underwhelmingly “ordinary”


1, 2020

Sir Ridley Scott, best known for films like Gladiator, Blade Runner and Alien (and crapping up the latter’s legacy with Allen Covenant) has weighed in on Epic Games’ war with Apple. 

The esteemed director that created the original Apple 1984 advert to show the then-up-and-coming tech company’s battle against IBM is aware of the recent Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite parody of his work. Unfortunately for Epic, Sir Ridley Scott doesn’t find it particularly impressive.

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In an interview with IGN, Sir Ridley Scott describes the video game propaganda piece as both “terrific” and “eh”; the director doesn’t particularly seem too invested in Epic’s plight.

“On the one hand I can be fully complimented by the fact they copied [my commercial] shot for shot, but pity the message is so ordinary when they could have been talking about democracy or more powerful things… And they didn’t use it,” Scott said.

“I think the animation was terrific, the idea was terrific, the message was ‘ehh’.”

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Epic’s ongoing battle against Apple has led to the delisting of battle royale game Fortnite from the iOS App Store. Whilst Apple also tried to remove Epic’s ability to create iOS and Mac software, a Judge has already ruled that Unreal Engine is too important for Apple to prohibit.  

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