Singster brings SingStar to Windows Phone 8

Singster is a recent graduate of the AppCampus mobile accelerator. The team is based in Helsinki, Finland, which seem to be the current busiest country for mobile games and karaoke, at least if looked through per capita metrics. Singster is mashing up SingStar and Spotify to bring the fun of the original PlayStation classic SingStar to the mobile platform with on-demand streaming of songs from the catalog of over 1300 tracks.

The app is free to download and comes with 20 free songs. Rest of the catalog can be unlocked by purchasing a one day, 7 day or 30 day subscription ranging from 0,99€ to 8,99€. Once you’ve got your subscription activated, you can start browsing the 16 different genres worth of pop classics and new hits. Doesn’t matter if you’re a metal head or a ballad junkie, Singster has plenty to offer for all styles.

Singster has a similar game engine than what SingStar and many other singing games have, it scores you as you sing and gives instant feedback on your pitch. One trick that many of the older singing games doesn’t have, is the feature to record your performance and publish it to for the community along with your scores. Sound is so 2005, now is the time to make your own music videos!

Download Singster for free from the Windows Phone Store here.

Singster features:

  • Catalog of 1300 songs
  • Instant streaming
  • 20 free songs
  • Affordable subscription starting from 0,99€
  • Record your own performance
  • Get instant feedback and scoring according to your pitch