Simplify – Natural date and time parsing for events, and tiles to automate actions!


22, 2015


With the tiles created by Simplify you can automate many steps (clicks) regarding your events, mails, calls and messages.

For calendar events you can use English natural date and time (“next Tuesday at 1 pm”) parsing: set dates via speech recognition or by directly typing them instead of scrolling through picker wheels. For the duration or reminder you do not need picker wheels either: set them by tapping on easy-to-use buttons.

Do you often send someone a message that you’re almost home? Or do you want to send yourself reminders via email? Simplify easily creates tiles for such cases! You can specify yourself which details you want to have prefilled.

For example, you can create tiles to:
– Create an event “today at 7 pm with a reminder at start time”
– Send an email to “Satya Nadella and Stephen Elop”
– Call “Bill Gates”
– Send “I’m home in 10 minutes” to your wife/husband

The tiles can have the photo of the contact as its logo.

To use English natural date and time (“next Tuesday at 1 pm”) parsing, an in-app purchase is required.

Download from the Windows Phone Store

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