Simple Screen Locker provides the solution to your wonky power button

It has recently become the fashion to replace the use of hardware buttons with virtual buttons in an effort to reduce wear and tear on these mechanical parts and enhance the resale value of a handset.

On Windows Phone this is not too easy, as there is no good replacement for the power button.

Sure, on a Nokia handset you can use double tap to wake to wake the phone, but to actually put it to sleep requires either using the hardware power button or waiting for the time-out.

Now Kipware has provided the solution to those who either want to preserve or are already dealing with a broken power button on WP8 and WP8.1.

imageSimple Screen Locker is a simple app which drops a live tile on your screen which, when tapped, will lock your phone.

The app is both free and free of ads, and if you are the frugal type its a must download from the Windows Phone Store here.

Thanks Fabio for the tip.