Silverlight still heading to Windows Mobile 7, WM 6.5 skipped


24, 2009

According to Brian Goldfarb, a marketing director for Microsoft’s Silverlight team, Windows Mobile 7, the next generation of Windows Mobile, will come with Silverlight 3.  The software and user interface layer has already been announced for desktop Windows, Linux, Symbian smartphones and even the Xbox 360.

Microsoft hopes to position the software as a cross-platform runtime aimed, like .Net, at 3rd party development.

"We look at Silverlight as a sort of comprehensive runtime platform," he said."We are 100 percent dedicated to seeing Silverlight across all three screens – PC, TV and mobile." “Silverlight 3 is a "cross-browser, cross-platform, cross-device solution," Goldfarb said.

Microsoft’s advantage, Goldfarb said, is that developers can use Microsoft’s popular .NET programming languages to write applications for Silverlight.

While Silverlight 3 has yet to make an appearance on Windows Mobile, Silverlight 4 is already being discussed to arrive some time next year. No mention was made of Silverlight and Windows Mobile 6.5.


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