Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit Updated v2 Now Available



Author Pradeep // in News


After much confusion and clarification over future of Silverlight, Microsoft has updated their Silverlight toolkit for WP7. The new release has some requested new controls that can be used in an application, API documentation and few bug fixes as well.

Here is the list of new controls as mentioned in the blog,





The new controls should make it even easier for developers to create applications which maintain the look and feel of Windows Phone 7, and also require less work to create applications that perform well, an issue with some 3rd party apps recently.

The controls are also licensed under Microsoft’s open source license, and fully extensible, meaning for example of a developer insists on having his own unique transition he can achieve this simply by extending Microsoft’s framework, rather than re-inventing the wheel.

The new updated controls are available for download at Codeplex page.

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