Silverlight based UI development demonstrated on Win CE


4, 2009

We has some debate in the comments recently whether Windows Mobile 7 UI development, which seems to be taking place in Expression Blend, will mean the actual user interface will be based on that technology (vs just mock-ups)

This video from the Windows Embedded Blog, taken from a Win CE presentation at Computex, suggests that this will be very much the case. As noted in our previous posts, the next version of Windows CE will rely very heavily on Extensible Application Markup Launguage to generate attractive user interfaces, and this video from Microsoft suggests developers should stick to what they are good at, and leave the designing, through a high level application like Expression Blend, to the designers.

Given how good looking the UI they are generating are, one does wonder if this is the magic behind the new ZuneHD, and ultimately Windows Mobile 7

User Interface Technologies for Windows Embedded CE

Read Mike Hall’s full blog post about the technology here.

Thanks Michael Brown for the tip.

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