Sign Up For Microsoft’s Windows On Devices IoT Developer Program To Get A Free Intel Galileo Board

One of the cool things that Microsoft announced at BUILD is that they are joining the Internet of Things trend. Windows on Devices was announced which will enable developers to write apps for all kind of electronic items. Developers can build a smart coffee mug, talking bear, robots, etc, based on this platform. Intel’s Galileo platform will act as developmental hardware. Now, Microsoft is giving away Intel Galileo board to developers who sign up for the program.

What will you create?

Development hardware like the Intel Galileo board allows you to read temperature sensors, power robot servos, check for intruders, blink a bunch of LED lights, or even make a little music. Whether you are an experienced Windows developer looking to jump into the Internet of Things or you are new to Windows development and want to build the next big thing—we’re excited to see what you can do.

Early and often

Our first SDK release in the spring of 2014 will give you a chance to look at our new software, including an incomplete prerelease of our software and API surface. We’ll provide samples and documentation and we’ll show you how to create your own fun projects such as the life-size piano we demonstrated at Build 2014. And we’ll continue to release software updates throughout 2014 including a more complete API surface and integrated cloud services.

Connections are everything

Your Windows device can connect to the cloud to enable interesting new scenarios. Use Azure data services, build a new mashup, analyze your data, connect your devices together, or update your devices remotely. Once your device is in the cloud, the sky’s the limit.

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