Should Microsoft Take On Periscope And Meerkat With Skype Qik?

Skype Qik app

Mobile video live streaming market just got more interesting in the last few weeks. First, there was an app called Meerkat which leveraged Twitter’s social platform which allowed people to start streaming anything they see with a touch of a button. Once you start broadcasting, notification will be sent to all your followers and all of them were able to watch it on their mobile devices. After few weeks, Twitter has decided to take on Meerkat by acquiring a startup called Periscope which essentially does the same with few improvements. While Twitter and Meerkat will be now fighting for the mobile live streaming market, there are sleeping giants like Microsoft and Google which are in the world of online video. Google can launch an mobile app tomorrow which leverages its YouTube live platform and it will dwarf the reach of Periscope and Meerkat in few weeks. What about Microsoft in this space? They have Skype.

Qik was one of the first app that allowed live streaming from a mobile device. Qik even received funding from notable investors like Marc Benioff, Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz. It didn’t take off as expected and Skype acquired Qik in 2011 for $150 million. After that, Microsoft acquired Skype and Qik was part of Microsoft for over 3 years. Qik app didn’t receive any significant focus from Microsoft’s Skype division and it was killed in April 2014. Later in October 2014, Microsoft relaunched Qik app as a video messaging service. Instead of live streaming, focus was on sharing moments.

All with one-touch record and sharing. Simply shoot it on your mobile and send a message to your friends.

You can set up a group and immediately start shooting and swapping videos. There are some interesting features like Qik Fliks. Pre-record up to 12 short videos for when you want to respond, fast. Just drop your Qik Fliks into the chat any time for a more personal smiley. I think Microsoft should bring back the original live streaming feature of Qik and leverage its 300 million active users to take on Periscope and Meerkat. What do you think?