Shortcuts4All, the most complete shortcuts App!

Shortcuts4All does not just help you for creating tiles for connection configurations, you can also hide the annoying music bar music, take notes, make a flashlight tile, direct dialer with T9 and many more. You will not need multiple applications to do that all that stuff, Shortcuts4All is all in one and highly customizable!
*Key features:
1.Shortcuts to: airplane mode, bluetooth,location, celular,wifi,share status, add appointment, take notes, battery status…and many more, try it yourself! Connectivity shortcuts show status!

2.Flashlight, Smart Dialer with T9, hide music bar, calendar and customization of some application tiles such as whatsapp, wpcentral,gmaps…

3.Control panel with access to all the app's shortcuts and with a tile that shows the status of up to 4 connections.
4.Select a picture from the gallery and make multiple tiles with it that can launch a different shortcut each.
5.Free trial version limited for a maximum of 3 tiles at a time.
*Latest reviews:
????? Nano: I love it.
????? Usuario: Great application and improving every day.

????? RAFA: My congratulations on the App, perfect, 99 cents paid for a good work, greetings
????? Francisco: Fantastic application, the more useful you can download for your Windows Phone, a given programmer/developer that listens to its users, updated and constantly improved the application so that increasingly have more options and will be useful for any user profile, the free version lets you use 3 tiles at a time, but you will end up buying it, to support your great work and because it actually covers many of the needs that we miss in WP. Just say that the best 99 cents I have spent on an application. Do not hesitate and try it.
????? Mthew: Just bought a Windows Phone and I'm really happy to say this app acomplishes what 3 or more combined can do. Very good job done and cool design. I'm really waiting to see what updates will be rolled out in the future.

      Download here
              Available on WP8