Shopping Mall demo application for Windows Phone 7


1, 2011

Bee Mobile Shopping Mall Application

Shopping Mall is a sample Windows Phone 7 application which promotes the products of a fictional shopping mall. Its purpose is to help WP7 developers to create a promotional application quickly. The application gets the information about the company products from a web service and then presents them using GUI controls developed specifically for this purpose. The controls are part of package called Bee Mobile Metropolis.

Bee Mobile provides the source code for the mobile application as well as for the web service. You can download it on their web page here:

Bee Mobile Metropolis is a commercial product. You can download a free trial at:

The developers are allowed to make any changes to the application. It can be quickly and easily adapted for example for these purposes:

  • On-line web store showing the products catalogue.
  • Restaurant presenting the food it offers.
  • Real-estate agency promoting the properties for sale.
  • Fashion-model agency presenting the photographs of models in their database.
  • etc.

The price of Bee Mobile Metropolis full version starts at 99.95 EUR (approximately $149).

See more screen shots after the break.

Shopping Mall - product catalogShopping Mall - loading data Shopping Mall

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