Shoot your dream Windows Phone 7 ad!


30, 2011

Author rush24 // in News

I’ve been thinking, we always talk about “if  I had it my way, this is how a Windows phone 7 ad would look like”. Well, here is your chance! Instead waiting for one from the the marketing team at Microsoft, let us harness the power of the community. We should come up with best enthusiast made ads, one that we think our friends and family will  understand and persuade them to buy a WP7 device. I have a few guidelines to accomplish this goal.

  1. The ads will be ideally 30 to 60 seconds long
  2. Focus on only one feature of the phone or…
  3. Show how the hubs work together to solve the going jumping in and out of apps dilemma
  4. You could include a music track or a voice over

The guidelines are not set in stone so you are free to break them. For our readers who may not have a phone, or don’t trust their cinematic skills, I bet you can write  a script and post it in the comments. Someone else can pick that up and shoot the ad. Once you are done with the videos, upload them to YouTube and post the links  in the comments. I will then aggregate them into a collection and post them here. If we end up with some good ones, we may have to vote to find the best ad! I would especially like to see ads featuring the Zune hub, including ones that show the benefits of the Zune pass.

Just a word of caution, if you create an ad featuring the people hub or something that may contain personal information, make sure you blur that out or else enter temporary dummy content for the purpose. We don’t want to have your friends’ information all over the internet. Embedded below is an iPhone commercial to give you an idea what direction I think the ads may look like.

The stage is set, it is now up to you! As they say in Hollywood, 3-2-1 Action!

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