Shipwright Studios cut ties with Tripwire Interactive following its president’s anti-abortion views

September 6, 2021
Maneater PlayStation Plus January 2021 Shipwright Studios

Shipwright Studios, the co-developer on Tripwire Interactive’s Maneater, has severed all ties with the developer and publisher following anti-abortion views being shared by its president. 

In response to a Tweet from Tripwire Interactive president John Gibson, in which he voiced his support for Texas’ latest abortion ban, Shipwright Studios announced that they “cannot in good conscience continue to work with Tripwire under the current leadership structure. We will begin the cancellation of our existing contracts effective immediately.” 

Shipwright Studios noted in their response that “it is difficult for employees to speak up or act out in these scenarios, and they may not feel comfortable to speak their minds.” As a result, Shipwright believed it would be a “disservice” to themselves, as well as the industry “to allow this pattern to continue without comment.” 

Alongside Shipwright Studios, Torm Banner Studios, who developed the Tripwire published Chivarly II, also announced that they too disagree with Gibson’s message, writing on Twitter that “we do not share the opinion expressed in a recent tweet by the president of Tripwire.”

“This perspective is not shared by our team, nor is it reflected in the games we create. The statement stands in opposition to what we believe about women’s rights,” Torn Banner Studios continued, notably without making the same commitment as Shipwright. 

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