For those that hate the Epic Store but love the adventures of Ryo Hazuki, you’re in luck! The long- awaited Shenmue 3 steam release is finally coming.  

While the adventure game was initially planned for a Steam release,  the game became an Epic Store exclusive back during the launch of Epic Games’ online storefront.  Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney blamed Valve for the game’s exclusivity on the Epic Store.

Well,  one year later and Shenmue 3 is now coming to Steam for everyone who doesn’t want to use the Epic Store to play.  After the long wait, the Shenmue 3 steam release is scheduled for November 19th. Here’s the Steam page!

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In our review of the game last year,  we have the title a positive review,  claiming that the game was “everything I wanted” from a return to the classic SEGA franchise.

“Shenmue 3 is an acquired taste, very acquired, but it’s everything I ever wanted it to be. As a Shenmue sequel it’s fan-pleasing perfection,” Our review reads.  “As an actual game it leaves some things to be desired: combat is clunky , facial animations are unpleasing and there are numerous translation oddities. However, at the end of the day, it’s a game I’ve awaited for years and I’m far from disappointed.”