Shazam For Windows Updated With New UI, Support For Cortana And More

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Shazam app got updated in Windows Store with new interface for Windows 10 and support for Cortana. You can now say “Shazam this” to Cortana to identify the song that is playing.

v4.6.22 Change log:

  • A rebuild recognition engine with more accurate  Shazaming
  • All-new interface, designed specifically for Windows 10
  • Cortana support you can now ask her to “Shazam this” and instantly start identifying music around you
  • New song pages with lyrics, videos and recommendations
  • News feed with great videos, interviews and more from artists you’ve Shazamed
  • LyricPlay, which means you can now sing along to the beat with real-time lyrics!

Update it from Windows Store here.

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