Google has done a terrible job in the past to hide their Pixel lineup from the public before the official launch. The Google Pixel 3 XL was leaked and was reviewed even before the device was announced by Google. Now, it looks like the Pixel 4 is following the footsteps of Pixel 3.

Google has already given us a glance at Pixel 4 in an unexpected tweet but the company has managed to keep the front of the device a secret. However, 9to5google received a tip from a fan who spotted Pixel 4 in London. From the back, the Pixel 4 looks exactly like the renders shared by Google.

The picture mostly confirmed information that Google itself has revealed recently with their own “leak”.

The tipster did, however, get a glance at the front of the device adding information which has so far not been revealed anywhere else.

9to5Google writes:

They were able to get a quick peek at the front of the device and confirmed that the rumored “forehead” did indeed seem large and still had the two front facing cameras from last year’s model.

That news will likely be a disappointment to fans who were hoping Google would for once match rivals with a mostly bezel-less design. It seems that will still be another generation out.

Google is yet to announce the device officially but we are expecting an October deadline for the launch with shipping starting in November of 2019.