ShareTo: Any Device – share from Windows Phone or Windows 8 to any other device!


22, 2013

Use the share charm in Windows 8 to quickly share to any device.

Share from your phone (or Windows 8 device) to any other device that supports a QR code reader and a browser. This unique tool lets you share files, contacts, URIs and more from your Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8 device to any other device that can read QR codes and open a browser. It’s quick, it’s “ad-hoc” in the sense that there’s no upload taking place (the files are only available while the sharing opration is up).


  • Pick files or contacts to share.
  • Get a QR code on your screen which, when scanned another device, will open up a simple web-page with your content.
  • On Windows 8, you can use the Share charm to share directly to the app
  • Works for free on files of up to 1mb (try before you get premium)
  • Premium users get up to 10mb per file to transfer and thumbnails when sharing.

Download for Windows Phone 8.

Download for Windows 8.

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