Share Your Favorite Memories on the Memorate Social Hub


25, 2014


Memorate seems to keep growing as the “memories sharing” social hub in the last months. It firstly came as a free Windows Phone 8 app, mainly used for sharing “mems” – short multimedia sentences that are meant to help you keep memories of friends, places, music, videos, or photos and link them to whatever they remind you of. All your mems are automatically posted to the Memorate social hub –, along with social network integration with Facebook and Twitter sharing.

Not a Windows Phone user? H-Sense (, the creators of Memorate, have recently added a great feature that comes handy for everyone – the ability to post your “mems” directly from the social hub. At the moment, these “mems” are suggestion-based, so you are in a way challenged to complete an already started “mem” with your personal memory about it. Dive into memory adventures with this Memory Challenge!

This update on Memorate comes with even greater social integration – you can now login to Memorate with your Facebook profile and post your mems to your Facebook timeline, or share your friend’s mems on Facebook and Twitter. Also, you can add Facebook comments to mems and have a great memories conversation or meet memory buddies.

Still want to be able to share fully personal mems? Jump to the WP Store and get the app for free , and start filling in your “mem diary” with your own mems. You can also share these mems on the Memorate social hub like any other mems.

The H-Sense team announces even more awesome updates for Memorate coming soon. They still don’t want to reveal everything, but Android lovers should expect an app coming out soon. Also, social sharing improvements and challenges are to follow. Be the first to know about all these cool features by following Memorate at .

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