Share To Friend & Group released to the Marketplace

Windows Phone has really good Social capabilities – the ability to easily share status and photos to your wall are one of the things that separates it from the rest of the pack. What it does lack, is the ability to easily share status updates and photos to friends and groups. With Friend & Group Share (wow! What an original name!), you can now do this with as little as 4 clicks. On top of that, the app is accessible from the share menu, so it’s very easy to share that special photo to your group or friend directly from the Picture hub or immediately after taking it.



  • Integrates with the Sharing capabilities of Mango.
  • Recent photos makes selecting an image a breeze. You of course have access to all your albums as well.
  • Recently used groups propagate to the top so they are easy to find.
  • Recent friends have their own pivot pane so you can quickly find them.
  • Trial is fully functional – if you run out of shares, there’s an option to ask for an extended trial.

Download it now .