Shake and Save – Great G-sensor powered screen saver app


7, 2009

shakeandsave I saw this over at Pocketnow a few days ago, and thought it could do with a bit more exposure.

The main problem with using many older generation screen shot apps on new devices is that they rely on the availability of mappable buttons, something which is increasingly rare these days.

Extreme-Apps has however come to the rescue with Shake and Save, an application which utilizes the G-Sensor in many of today’s devices to signal when a screen shot needs to be taken. One simply need to launch the app, and then give a shake whenever needed – Pure genius!

The app supports .png, .jpg, .gif and .bmp formats, so it seems to have all angles covered.

Both HTC devices with accelerometers and the Samsung Omnia is supported.

Download Shake and Save from extreme-apps here.

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