SFR to sell the ZTE Tania as “The Windows Phone by SFR”


“The Windows Phone by SFR” marks the return of the carrier-branded Windows Phone handset by French carrier SFR.

The handset is the ZTE Tania, a HTC HD7 look-alike with a 5 megapixel camera, 4.3 inch screen and 1 Ghz processor.

The handset is only 10.7 mm thick, and costs only € 269.90 for the handset only, or as little as € 9, 90  on contract.

The carrier-branded route is has been well trodden by HTC, and I am sure ZTE sees no problem in trying to replicate that route. The question of course remains if it is the best way to go for Windows Phone 7, but then a sale is a sale.

See the phone at SFR here.

Thanks Beugre and Andrea for the tip.