Series X price will be revealed “when we’re ready”, says Xbox UK marketing lead


2, 2020

The Xbox Series X price and release date can only be elusive information, especially in the extremely short run up to the console’s release.

With just two months until the next-gen console is supposed to be sitting in living rooms, Microsoft still isn’t ready to reveal the Xbox Series X price or release date.

While the console’s release date is most probably November 13th if the upcoming Yakuza 7 is still pegged as a launch title, and the Series X price is supposedly $539.99 according to Monster Energy Math, Microsoft isn’t confirming anything at the moment.

Responding to a fan complaint on Twitter, thanks VGC, Xbox UK marketing lead Samuel Bateman unsurprisingly revealed that the company isn’t ready to reveal these details yet.

“I understand everyone is excited to know and people want to plan purchases etc,” Bateman said. “We’ll let you all know when we’re ready.” 

With Microsoft missing it’s big launch title in Halo Infinite this year compared to Sony’s launch plans for a new Spider-Man game, many have wondered if Microsoft is cracking up. However, with Sony also refusing to reveal pricing or release date for the upcoming PlayStation 5, it seems both company’s are waiting to see who budges first.

Microsoft has their own unique problem as well: the reveal of the still unannounced Xbox Series S. With the console leaked through official Xbox products, it’s inevitable that the console is going to be revealed. The question is when.

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