Sequencer 1.2.1 adds customizable synthesizer



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Sequencer Screenshots
Sequencer 1.2.1 adds a lot of new features, the biggest being “synthesizer mode”. Now, in addition to using recorded sample packs, you can use a three-oscillator synthesizer to make your own sounds! The synthesizer has 12 configurable waveforms as well as a filter, an LFO, and an adjustable amplitude envelope. And if you aren’t familiar with configuring a synth you can still get a lot out of this update. Synth mode comes with 35 presets that will automatically set the synthesizer to some useful sounds.Sequencer QR Code

This update also adds channel level volume settings, mute, and solo modes which are great for isolating one instrument when creating your new beat.

Go to the Windows Phone marketplace to try out the free app Sequencer .

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