Sense 2.1 Slider Customizer

For the small population that runs on Sense 2.1, an XDA member has imagemade it possible to give your slider a truly personalized look. The member goes by the name brent372, and he has put together an application that allows you to choose a personal icon for each Sense 2.1 section.

The application comes with 180 Icon a little similar to the one seen to the right. The icons are specific to each category and you select the one you like the best and from there when your done, you just compile it, install and presto. You have your own custom Sense look, Exclusive.


  • Review the sections below and mentally chose the icon you want for each section. There are a total of 12 sections.
  • Download the icons you want. You should end up with a total of 12 CAB files.
  • Install all the cabs you just downloaded (the order you install them does not matter)
  • After all CAB files are installed, Soft Reset (reboot) your phone and enjoy !!!


If you already have a slider you like and want to change only certain icons on it, just download and install those icons!

If you have an icon or icons you would like to be made into slider icons, just send me a PM on the forum you came here from (my name is Brent372)and I will do the leg work and add them to the matrix below.

If you have a transparent slider tab, please install THIS CAB file. You must install this file LAST!!! If you make any changes to your slider you will have to re-install this.

If you have already installed some of these custom icons, and wish to change, you can just install the new one on top of the existing one. Your device should notify you that the old version will be removed.

Want to give your Sense 2.1 device a new look? Headover to XDA for the files