Send files and folders easily via Bluetooth with Persian Blue


FuzeMobility has been highlighting some amazing freeware recently, and Persian Blue is just such an example. The software makes it easy to send one file via Bluetooth and possible to send whole folders this way, something the built-in software on your phone just can not do. As some-one who never uses desktop activesync and its successor, this kind of software is invaluable for sending cab files and pictures between my laptop and smartphone.

The features of the software are:

1) Manage Your Bluetooth Radio (On – Off – Visible)

2) Send Single File via Bluetooth

3) Send Multi File (Selectable From Any Folder) [Using Its Own File Manager]

4) Send Folder [Using Its Own File Manager]

5) Show Progress Bar (Percentage, Elapsed Time, Remaining Time, Speed All in Kb)

6) Send File or Folder Directly From your File Explorer [this App Adds new Item to Right Click of All Files and Folders in File Explorer named : Send Via Persian Blue… So you Can Send Directly From File Explorer]

To read more about the app and download the cab, which is available in many languages, see this XDA-Developers thread here.