Send An Email With An URL To To Save A Screenshot Of The Webpage On OneNote

OneNote Email Screenshot

Back in March, Microsoft announced a cool new feature in OneNote service which allowed users to add notes to your OneNote via email. You can use any ‘Email this’ button you find online everywhere to send content to OneNote. Just use as To address and your linked email address as From address.

Today, they have updated the service to make even easier than ever to clip the web. You can now send an email with a URL to, OneNote service will clip a screenshot of the webpage along with the email’s contents into your OneNote notebook.

Consider the following scenarios,

  • Find an article in a news reader app? Share it via email and type
  • Browsing the web on your smartphone? Hit “Share”, pick Email, and send it to
  • Friend emailed you a funny link? Forward it to

To get started, just send an email containing a single URL in the subject or body. And fear not, you can still save your list of “top 100 lasagna recipes” without getting 100 screenshots in your notebook — if you send us an email containing multiple URLs, we’ll only save the mail content and skip the web clipping.

Source: OneNote