Selinsgrove Area School District Chose Surface Pro 3 Over A Traditional laptop And Kindle Fire HD, Find Out Why (Video)

Microsoft today posted a video about Selinsgrove Area School District in the US which has recently selected Surface Pro 3 as their device for students and staff over traditional laptops and Surface Pro 3. There are obvious advantages like the thin and light form factor, stylus support, all day battery life and more. Find the video above to know more about it.

In 2013, Selinsgrove Area School District applied for and received a “Keystones to Opportunity” literacy education grant from the US Department of Education. Selinsgrove used its literacy grant funding to supply students and teachers in the fourth through twelfth grades with Microsoft Surface tablets. The district chose the Surface tablet over a traditional laptop and the Kindle Fire HD e-book reader due to its battery life, two-in-one form factor, and versatility. District leaders and Educators have already seen increased interactivity in the classroom, support for creative learning, and improved study skills due to the Surface deployment.

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