SEGA has teased a new mobile RPG 

September 17, 2021

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Ahead of their appearance at the Tokyo Game Show, SEGA has begun teasing a new mobile RPG which is due to be revealed at the event. 

Announced with a brief teaser video and website, there aren’t many details surrounding SEGA’s RPG, but we’ll thankfully not be kept in the dark for too long, as more is due to be revealed on the 1st of October during SEGA’s presentation at the Tokyo Game Show

To give us some hint of what the game is about, there is thankfully a voiceover to the trailer, which has been translated by VGC, that reveals the game should feel like a “pen and paper” RPG. 

The full voiceover is as follows:

“What is a role-playing game? It’s a journey through an unknown world.

But these days the story is a straight path, a journey that should be a road but can be turned back and redone. A predetermined ending.

But is this really what we want? Before computer games were born, the first role-playing games were made with pen and paper.

The performance and the story were up to you, and each player was free to create their own global battles. It was up to you.

A story is not something you read, but an experience you have only once.

These was excitement and freedom then. Retrieve it.

An RPG made up of scenes. A smartphone. You choose the ending.

Let’s take a one-off journey, not a straight road. Will they smile or be sad? The choices when telling this story are all yours.

You will surely know the true RPG.”

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