See how Windows 10 and Surface helped this NGO deliver health care to women in rural Morocco

Getting health care in some countries can be quite tough, especially in rural areas. In a new video today, Microsoft showed how its Surface devices and Windows 10 can be used to help pregnant women in rural Morocco. NGO Fundación Acción Geoda’s President, Luis Garcia worked with gynecologist Goyi Alonso to make this possible.

According to a video published by Microsoft, women in rural areas of Morocco apparently don’t have access to technology that allows them to know the essential details about their pregnancy — as a result, they are not sure whether their babies are even alive or not which is quite brutal.

Using a portable ultrasound scanner, the power of Surface and Windows 10 combined, Luis Garcia and Goyi Alonso were able to help the pregnant women in rural Morocco and provide more info to the women about their pregnancy. For example, using the portable ultrasound scanner with a Surface device, one woman was able to listen to the heartbeat of her baby which really is quite amazing. Luis Garcia stated:

“We used a Windows native portable ultrasound scanner to bring echogrpahies tp places where they had never been before. It would be wonderful if all those fears and doubts could disappear. With htis portable ultrasoudn scanner and Windows, now we have the change to go to houses where technology has no presence at all.”

You can watch the full video below — it’s in Spanish, but it includes English subtitles:

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