See How Microsoft Is Building Its Datacenters

Mark Russinovich from Microsoft showed the above video at TechEd. The datacenters of Microsoft are handled by the Global Foundation Services (GFS) within the company.

Global Foundation Services (GFS) is the engine that powers Microsoft’s Software Plus Services strategy. We focus on smart growth, high efficiency, and delivering a trusted experience to customers and partners worldwide.

The GFS leadership team is committed to delivering the strategy and the foundational platform for the company’s Software Plus Services infrastructure worldwide that supports our Online and Live services such as MSN and Windows Live, communications and collaboration services, and over 200 additional enterprise services and Web portals. Helping to mindfully shape the next era of computing, the senior leaders in GFS hold over 80 US technology patents and have a combined total over 130 years of industry experience in building and managing infrastructure technology networks, security, product development, and global operations. Their backgrounds include expertise in industrial, electrical and mechanical engineering, power and cooling architecture and design, research and development, and business operations and administration.